singer declared her love live

Breiner Gaster’s second presentation in ‘La descarga’, where he finally met his team for the new phase of the competition, left several curious facts.

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What most caught the attention of the viewers was that he was in the ‘Gusi’ team, since moments before going on stage he had wanted not to meet the Venezuelan, because he felt that he was not the best tutor for him due to the different musical genres.

After interpreting ‘Si no te had gone’, by Marco Antonio Solís, the contestant returned to the back of the audition set to give his impressions to the presenter Jessica Cediel.

The 40-year-old communicator bothered him for becoming part of “Gusi’s” team and asked his opinion of what Santiago Cruz said, who indicated that it had been an “unfortunate” decision.

“According to what touches one, but [sí] it was unfortunate because of the genre of music. It has just become a challenge, perhaps more for him, ”he assured.

Cediel made a Mexican accent and this was not let by Gaster.

“And why are you talking like that, dude?” said the singer.

—Because you represent what I like about [género] regional: the band — indicated Jessica Cediel.

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At that moment, the participant used the moment to make a love confession.

“Yes? And I like you, Jessica, ”she mentioned.

The participant’s comment made the woman from Bogota blush, who did not hide her astonishment before the cameras.

“Oh, my God, we went into expenses… For now, to continue. Thank you Breiner”, stated the presenter, who evaded the issue and ordered the auditions to continue.