Singer Vianney announces hiatus of “a few years” from touring

The singer whose tour let’s not waithas just ended, announces on Instagram that he will take a break from touring for a few years.

The break is now. After a hundred concerts throughout France, Vianney announces that he will be away from the stage for “a few years”.

“I had the most intense months of my entire life, so I decided not to shoot for a few years,” he says on Instagram. “

It’s 100 concerts have filled me with happiness and I will send you songs regularly, I promise. the next one will be released on January 20″.

Postponed dates

Vianney released their third studio album, let’s not wait, in 2020. Part of the tour, scheduled for 2021 had been postponed to 2022, due to covid. The concerts in small venues scheduled for the start of the tour, in March and April 2021, had thus been postponed to December 2022. This series of concerts in more intimate venues ended the zenith tour.

The singer released last October a duet with Ed Sheeran, met on the set of Taratata. A song titled Call on me.

In March 2021, Vianney had worried his fans by evoking on the set of seven to eight a final stop.

“I know that it will even stop definitively, soon. I feel it. I know that the day when I have children, I will not want to keep this rhythm, of a singer’s life”.

He then denied wanting to put an end to his career, and promised that he “would not give up[t] not” his fans. The singer is the father of a little boy born in October 2021.