Single again, Madonna breaks up with her 28-year-old boyfriend

Madonna, the queen of pop, remains more than valid at 63 years old. The artist can proudly say that she has enjoyed a musical life full of successes, since her history includes songs considered pop classics: Like Virgin, Like a Prayer Y Material Girlto mention just a few.

As for his love life, Madonna surprised a while ago when her relationship with Ahlamalik Williams was revealeda dancer who worked with the singer since 2015. The closeness with the queen of pop caused them to establish a sentimental relationship, however, as confirmed The Sun, The story of the couple has already come to an end.

At the time, one of the details that most surprised Madonna’s followers was the age of her partner, Ahlamalik Williams, as she is 35 years younger than her. In other words, the dancer is currently 28 years old, while the queen of pop, 63.

However, The Sun He reported that “Madonna has thrown herself into a busy social life and has been seeing her friends and family after the split. She has a busy schedule and is working on her next biopic, new music, and taking care of her family,” according to a source close to the artist.

In this way, rumors about the separation of Madonna and Williams were confirmedas versions were already circulating about an alleged crisis in the couple, since they had not starred in any public appearance since January.

However, the aforementioned medium points out that the friends of the artists have assured that they decided to separate amicably, so their relationship would continue professionally.

Although the age difference between Madonna and Williams is notable, their relationship was not criticized beyond some comments in reference to said subject. However, the queen of pop continues to captivate her followers with her immense talent and beauty.

Madonna worried her fans with a video she posted on TikTok

American singer Madonna, recognized as the queen of pop, also landed on TikTok some time ago to expand her presence in the digital ecosystem.

The artist has shared several publications in which she plays with the platform’s filters, however, in early April, she shared a video that caught the attention of her followers.

The video, which lasted a few seconds, was removed from the platform, which further fueled the intrigue of Internet users. In the publication Madonna appears with a transparent blouse, then, he brings his face closer to the camera to send a kiss, highlighting his lips and cheekbones.

Despite the fact that the video was removed from TikTok, Internet users downloaded it and replicated it on other platforms such as Twitter, where it went viral, receiving all kinds of comments.

“It went wrong in plastic surgery”; “what happened to his face?”; “I’m scared, brother”; “His lips look very different”; “Grandma, what happened?” Say some of the comments in the video replicated on Twitter.

That’s not Madonna, is it? Probably not. I mean, it’s been a few years since I’ve seen pictures of her, but damn, she has a totally different face. And what about her weird eyes?” another netizen wrote.

However, others defended the artist. “Leave Madonna alone, each person is the owner of aging as she wants. With her successes or her mistakes, we must let each one decide for himself how to do it, ”commented one of the Internet users.

Madonna, 63, has more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok and a much higher number on Instagram, with 17.9 million.

Internet users were surprised by the differences in their appearance, especially when comparing the deleted video with the photos that the artist usually shares on her social networks.