Single Garou, he looks back on his breakup with Stéphanie Fournier

Passing through Paris for a concert at the Grand Rex, Garou indulged in a few confidences in a new interview. Interview during which he spoke of his ex-girlfriend Stéphanie Fournier.

On the eve of his concert at the Grand Rex, in Paris, Garou granted an interview to the “Parisian” of this January 5. The opportunity for the artist to confirm – subtly – his break with the one who shared his life for 11 years, the Quebec model Stéphanie Fournier.

“I chained five days of promotion in Paris and I go back to my house, I put oil in the chainsaw to cut wood and I get on my tractor. I’m fine on my own and it suits me very well, ”explains the 50-year-old interpreter first. Our colleagues then specify that he confirms “half-word” his separation from Stéphanie Fournier. “This is my longest story. We were beginning to live like an old couple. Today, I allow myself more freedom.

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Were and Stéphanie Fournier had formalized their relationship in 2013. The couple sometimes appeared in the evening or at previews, but their last outing was in 2017 in Paris. The appearance of the singer on the arm of another young woman, a certain Emilyin November 2021 in Paris, then left little doubt about his breakup with Stéphanie Fournier.

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Artist from father to daughter

Before this story the artist shared the life of singer Loriebetween 2007 and 2010. From his romance with Swedish model Ulrika, Garou has a 21-year-old daughter, named Emelie.. The latter has also written and composed a title that he performs in concert. “She did a lot of it on a ukulele that I gave her,” he explains to the “Parisian“.