Single grandfather, starring José Lui Cordero, will hit the screen this year – El Sol de México

The actor and musician jose louis corderoknown for his role as pocholo on the Serie Single dad, declared that in this 2023, “we are closer to the release of the continuity of our first unit, to spin the story with that of single grandfather.

He recognized that by the retransmission of Single dad on weekends on television he is still in force. “Thank God my image is in the minds of viewers, because our programs continue to be repeated. We are very happy because we are going to return to the comedy bar of the The Stars channel”.

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interviewed by The Sun of MexicoHe reported that single grandfatheris produced by Cesar Costa and Gerardo Quiroz.

36 years after the appearance of Single dadyesseries which aired from 1987 to 1994, pocholo regretted that Edith Márquez is not part of the base cast in the new version, “because she is a good artist in the music and was no longer part of the new chapters.

“However, it is not ruled out that in future episodes Edith is invited for a special participation,” José Luis Cordero confided in the talk.

He stated that the actress Lupita Sandovalget into character gumara instead of Aurora Alonso.

“It was exciting to see the scenery, the departments and especially the script renewed, more than 36 years after the first chapters, it made me nostalgic. Before, they painted my gray hair, now I couldn’t find how to make it disappear, ”she joked.

With single grandfatheradded the actor, “it is intended to rescue family values”, as happened with the original series, in which a widowed man was in charge of his three children.

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The actor, who plays the role of the doorman of the building where the plot takes place, affirmed that with this new version, “we do not come to compete, we come to contribute to society, to the family, to have values, more education and learning for children and adolescents, respect for adults. Our program brings messages with a view towards the future of the family, togetherness, love, and respect. We come to contribute only beautiful things”.

Trust that the public TV, “give us a rating, because he is the one who has the last word. It is like the theater, the work remains because the public comes. The same happens with the movie theaters, movie that does not have an audience, they remove it from the programming ”, he concluded.