Sister of Johannes B. Kerner looks exactly like him

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From: Jonas Erbas


Johannes B. Kerner is one of the best-known presenters in Germany. The 58-year-old will soon be appearing on a TV game show with his sister. The resemblance between the two is now baffling the web.

Hamburg – As an experienced television presenter, Johannes B. Kerner has already led through a number of successful formats, including “The Quiz Champion” (since 2013), “The Current Sport Studio” (1997-2006) or the ZDF Talk named after him (1998-2009) . Soon, however, the 58-year-old will appear in a completely new show: the moderator will take part in the game show “Wir gegen die” alongside his sister Julia. Her resemblance to her brother is already causing a stir.

Johannes B. Kerner competes with his sister Julia in a game show – they compete against Carolin Kebekus

ProSieben soon had a big sibling battle: in “Wir gegen die” (We against them), a prominent pair of siblings competed against comedian Carolin Kebekus and her brother David in four episodes. Filming will begin on February 15, and the last issue for the time being will be produced on February 24.

Sister of Johannes B. Kerner looks exactly like him
Presenter Johannes B. Kerner will soon be appearing in a game show with his sister Julia. The resemblance of the siblings is striking and also caused a stir online (photo montage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Carolin Kebekus

In the game show, the Kebekus siblings challenge dancers Motsi and Otile Mabuse, presenter Johannes B. Kerner and his sister Julia, the “World Wide Living Room” twins Benjamin and Dennis Wolter, and actress Jessica Schwarz and her sister Sandra Schwarz. Carolin Kebekus’ announcement of the new ProSieben game show also caused a stir on Instagram – mainly thanks to the striking resemblance of the Kerners…

Who is Julia Kerner?

In contrast to her brother Johannes B. Kerner, his sister, who was born in Bonn in 1967, is rarely in the limelight. After studying journalism and communication science as well as theater studies at the University of Vienna, Julia Kerner was drawn to the editorial and press department. There she worked for ZDF and BR, among others, but also gained work experience in Austria and Spain. Now she writes for Focus and Colorful.

Incredible resemblance between Johannes B. Kerner and sister Julia – “Like a lousy face swap”

Because Julia, the sister of the former football commentator, is like a cut out of the face of the 58-year-old. This is also reflected in numerous comments: “Johannes B. Kerner’s sister looks more like him than he does himself,” says one user, while another says: “Johannes B. Kerner just with a wig again.” A fan even jokes about the photo look “like a lousy face swap”.

Even in the ProSieben competition, you don’t take a break and will add the next ratings hit in February: But as it has now become known, professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov is not allowed to take part in “Let’s Dance” this year. Sources used:,,