“Sitting on the knees of Jacques Chirac”: Claire Borotra (Face to Face) and her childhood as a minister’s daughter

In Face to face, the new judicial series from France 3 offered every Tuesday evening, Claire Borotra embodies Justine Rameau, a judge. She shares the spotlight with Constance Gay, alias Vanessa Tancelin, commander of the SRPJ of Strasbourg. Two women that everything opposes but who discover themselves half-sisters! A role that shines the spotlight on the discreet actress that is Claire Borotra. To get to know this artist better, magazine Gala looked at her origins, she who is part of a family of politicians.

Asked about her taste for politics, Claire Borotra quickly clarifies things with a smile. For her, there is no question of getting involved: “I don’t do politics. There have been enough of them in my family!“Indeed, his uncle Didier Borotra was senator and mayor of Biarritz while his father, Frank Borotrawas spokesperson for the RPR and Minister of Industry under the Juppé government and the presidency of Jacques Chirac.

Claire Borotra does not want to comment on politics, but she evokes her childhood memories: “At home, we always talked a lot more about things in the city, about geopolitics, than about our private lives. As a child, I remember that my father worked a lot, but when we saw him, everyone defended their point of view with passion. We existed by the relevance of our disagreements or our agreements with him. And the one who systematically opened the debate was my mother.“She also shares an astonishing anecdote, which she quickly puts into perspective:”Even if I remember having attended many meetings as a child as a child, sitting on the lap of Jacques Chirac for examplemy father never tried to put us on stage, on the contrary, he protected us a lot.

A father passionate about politics and of which she makes a moving description: “I always had the feeling that he was – and still is – inhabited by a collective vision and a sense of service to Franceto others, and that it was something noble.“Thus, the actress never wanted her dad to get so involved in his job: “I have never resented either politics or him. And then I am generally satisfied with what I have.“Mother of two children – Alaïs born in 2001 and Arthur born in 2008 whose father is her ex-companion and actor Jérôme Anger -, Claire Borotra has since endeavored to build a fulfilling professional and personal life.

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