Sitting on the stairs Tania Rincón shows off her leg in shorts

With his most recent social media post, Tania Rincon dazzled thousands of users by posing very coquettishly from the stairs of the forum of the morning program of the Las Estrellas channel, where she was seen very smiling with a short look that exposed her shapely legs before the camera lens.

Popular television celebrity, best known for her work on come the joyhas become one of the entertainment figures most loved by the Mexican public, which has helped her to add a large number of loyal fans throughout her career in the entertainment industry.

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Despite the fact that she is no longer part of the Ajusco television station, the influencer also continues to entertain her audience by being part of one of the most important morning programs in Mexico, ‘Today‘, where he works alongside Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo, Raúl Araiza, Andrea Escalos, Paul Stanley and many more.

Since then, the 35-year-old presenter has managed to captivate millions of viewers with her unparalleled charisma and singular beauty, which has made her stand out wonderfully with the charming looks she wears every day, just as she did on the broadcast this Friday.

Once again, Tania Rincón captured the attention of her almost 4 million fans after posting an attractive image through her personal account on the Instagram social network, in which she appeared sitting on the stairs with her leg raised, showing a good ‘chamorro’ that made everyone forget Galilee Montijo.

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In the flirtatious photograph, the Guerreros presenter was seen in a striking outfit that consisted of a colorful button-down blouse along with a tight green top and short denim shorts that sparked all kinds of reactions among her fans.

So far, the publication has been able to catch the eyes of its most loyal followers, since it has more than 54 thousand little red hearts and hundreds of messages full of compliments, in which they did not take long to highlight the beautiful features that the well-known driver has.

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