Six months of relationship with Kim Kardashian and already a tattoo “Kim” on the chest of Pete Davidson

After six months of relationship with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson got his first name tattooed. (New Jersey, January 31, 2022) Getty Images

The comedian, who is in a relationship with the reality star, posted a selfie with his partner’s name tattooed on his chest. Gesture of love or response to Kanye West, the upset ex-husband of the businesswoman?

Get a tattoo of your girlfriend’s first name. This is what Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee did in 1995. Almost thirty years later, Pete Davidson seems to be inspired by the leading couple of the 1990s to affirm his love for Kim Kardashian. A fan account dedicated to the comedian thus published, Monday, March 14, a selfie taken by the actor in his bed. On his bare torso, already heavily tattooed, with skulls and other designs, the finest observers have thus identified the three letters of the reality TV star’s first name, inscribed in capitals: “KIM”.

A way of saying that the couple who has officially appeared recently is taking a new step? Mostly a way to infuriate Kanye West, it seems. Because the photo, in which Pete Davidson makes the victory sign with his fingers, is captioned “In bed with your wife @kanyewest” (in bed with your wife, in French). To understand, a short summary of previous episodes is necessary.

Although the rapper seems to want to turn the page on his marriage to Kim Kardashian – first in the arms of Julia Fox, then in those of Chaney Jones – he still proves to be sensitive to the peaks of the man he identifies as a rival and whom he had taken to task in February. According to Kanye West, Pete Davidson set fire to the powder with a series of text messages. “He texts me, antagonizing me, bragging about being in bed with my wife,” he said in a since-deleted video. “I fought publicly for a year and a half to get her back. I got criticized for not having my last name and now he’s texting me, bragging about being in bed with her but meanwhile who’s watching my kids?

If until then the problems related to the divorce concerned only the two former partners, Pete Davidson has now chosen to get involved. “I’ve decided that I won’t let you treat us like this anymore and I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut. Grow up a little, ”he replied by private message in response to the video of the singer. The comedian would have – according to Dave Sirus, a friend of his, also an actor and screenwriter, who disclosed the exchange on Twitter – wrote to the rapper: “Can you please take a second and calm down”.

Ranged duel

Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend continues his counterattack by claiming that she is literally the best mother he has ever met. “What she does for your children is amazing and you are so lucky to have her as their mother.” It is a real game of ping-pong that the two men engage in. After the response of Pete Davidson, it is the turn of the interpreter of City of Gods to challenge him by asking him where he was at this very moment. To which the “Saturday Night Live” actor replied “in bed with your wife” with the famous selfie.

Was the singer and stylist looking for a confrontation by asking Pete Davidson where he was? “You do not scare me. Your actions are so embarrassing”, reacts the humorist before adding: “Let’s meet, alone, between men”. He concludes his series of messages with: “You don’t realize how nice I’ve been until now, but if you keep pushing me like you’ve been doing for the past six months, I’ll stop being.” So empty threat or true warning? The sequel to the next episode of “Keeping up with… Kanye and Pete”.