Slimane dad: his secrets about the difficult birth of his daughter Esmeralda

Slimane was a guest on the program On refait la télé this Saturday, January 21 on RTL. During the interview, the singer notably confided in his daughter Esmeralda, born prematurely in January 2022.

A proud dad. In January 2022, Slimane became dad for the first of a little girl named Esmeralda. However, all was not rosy at the time of delivery. Indeed, the singer’s daughter was born prematurely two months in advance and had to be hospitalized for a long time. An ordeal which, however, allowed the artist to forge very strong bonds with his child. He also dedicated a song to her called Thousands of I love youand even invited him in the clip of the same title.

I am a very present dad, in any case, I try to be as much as possible. I’m taking my daughter with me on tour, so she’s touring all over France […] I try to be there as much as possible. I’m trying, right now, to give all I can give her“, he confided on the set ofAs an aside on October 18.

Slimane: “she had trouble eating”

While waiting to hit the road again for a new concert tour which will begin in November 2023, Slimane gave an interview on the show On refait la télé on RTL. The former sidekick of Vitaa notably revealed how he was going to organize himself to spend as much time as possible with the young Esmeralda. “I will do as I did for Versus, she will come with me. I am lucky that she is not yet old enough to go to kindergarten. She’ll come everywhere with me”he said.

But during the interview, Slimane also agreed to confide in the complicated birth of his daughter. “It’s true that she had difficulty breathing, difficulty eating. All that the parents of a small premature baby can experience”said the singer, assuring however that the little girl is doing very well today.