Slimane solo dad: we know who could be the mother of his daughter!

By Jason Mathurin

– Published on Dec 28, 2022 at 6:30 PM

Questions around the paternity of Esmeralda still intrigue Internet users… But who is the mother of Slimane’s daughter?

Slimane has a busy career, in short. Indeed, the interpreter of We both has many titles to his credit. Far behind him is the beginnings of glory, after his participation in tele-hook M6 and TF1. Far from being discouraged, he showed perseverance to get where he is. And his collaboration with Vitaa has, in a way, crystallized the completion of his dreams. In addition to music, the young man undertook to launch her own brand of cosmetics: A brand that wants to be inclusive and unique. What great projects for the 33-year-old man, who tries hard not to reveal anything about his private life. Indeed, his celibacy has caused a lot of ink to flow. And if some wonder about the person who could share his life, others wonder who is the mother of his daughter, Esmeralda. So what about it?

Slimane: a blogger makes revelations about Esmeralda’s mother

Thus, Slimane lives the life of a single father. Last January, he witnessed, with emotion, the birth of his little piece of paradise on Earth: Esmeralda. The most amazing thing is that he hadn’t said anything to anyone… Not a word about the child’s mother no more. The singer has in any case been there for his daughter from her first moments. Although things got complicated, due to the fact that she was born premature. “If I haven’t told you about it before, it’s because it’s been 25 days since I go back and forth to the hospitaland that I am only waiting for my daughter to get better, that I have my ear on her to hear if she is breathing, that I have my eyes glued to the monitor to check that she is not having a tachycardia”he said at the time.

As for the identity of the parent, the mystery deepens. If the secret is well kept, a wise informant has looked into the matter. We can say that its inexhaustible sources have enabled it to provide grist for the mill. The no less blogger Aqababe therefore declared, following a FAQ from his subscribers : “Slimane’s daughter would come fromsurrogate mother”. This would therefore explain why the latter would raise his child alone. It wouldn’t be surprising, after all. Many women choose to have a baby on their own. The reverse for men is also not to be proven, although rarer. Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, was the happy single dad of Cristiano Junior. This, before he made his life alongside Georgina. As for Vitaa’s sidekickthe latter has not yet confirmed or denied the rumors.