Slimane, tender shot with his daughter during their vacation in Dubai

Slimane shared fragments of his stay in Dubai, accompanied by his baby.

Slimane is totally gaga! Taking advantage of his vacation in Dubai with his baby, Vitaa’s friend posted a photo of him, holding his child in his arms, in front of a sumptuous sunset. “And for the first time, you saw the sea…”, can we read in legend. A video and other tender shots of the duo are added to the first image. “My baby,” commented Vitaa, who has just welcomed her third child, a little girl named Noa.

On Monday afternoon, Slimane posted another image of him and his newborn baby enjoying a sweet moment in a swimming pool. “I love you I love you I love you,” he wrote.

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If Slimane shares these moments of complicity on social networks, the interpreter of “Before you” ensures that the face of her baby is never revealed. “I’m talking about my family, it’s true, but do we really know my relatives? I do not think so. I don’t show my parents’ faces, nor that of my brothers and sisters, just as I will never show my daughter’s. His first smiles or his first steps, I prefer to keep them for me”, he had explained to “Ciné Télé Revue”.

At the end of January, Slimane had announced the birth of his daughter, “born practically two months in advance”. “She’s been in the hospital for a month and I worry about her, she has trouble breathing sometimes, she has trouble eating too. It’s been a month that I pray every day that she gets better and that I can quickly introduce her to all the people who already love her,” he said in an Instagram video.