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Snoop Dogg and Gloria Estefan are the names that stand out the most in the list of new members of the Hall of Fame of Composers. In the case of the Cuban-American singer-songwriter and businesswoman, she will become the first artist Latina to obtain this distinction. Learn more details in the following note.

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The year could not have started better for Snoop Dogg and Gloria Estefan, who will be part of the seven new members who will enter the Songwriters Hall of Fame for this 2023, which also includes the R&B producer, Teddy Riley.

Only Riley is known so far? of course not. Also featured are Sade Adu, Glen Ballard, Liz Rose and Jeff Lynne. The funny thing about all of this is that four of the honorees gained fame by being part of some group, but are being inducted as individuals.

Another aspect that stands out is that three were born outside the United States. These are Sade Adu (Nigeria), Jeff Lynne (England) and Gloria Estefan (Cuba).

“The 2023 list represents not only iconic songs, but also diversity and unity across genres, ethnicities and genres, songwriters who have enriched our lives and, in their time, literally transformed the music and lives of billions of listeners around the world. the world”, were the words of the president of the Hall, Nile Rodgers.

words of thanks

After learning that she will be part of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and, in addition, she will make history by being the first Latin artist to obtain the distinction, Gloria Estefan thanked her fans for said recognition.

“Thank you so much to my incredible fans who, by listening to my music, have made it possible for me to receive this great honor!”, he specified for the CBS Mornings cameras.

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