“So funny again today”: Jauch flees from his daughters on television

“Today again so unfunny”
Jauch flees from his daughters on television

By Nina Jerzy

Where would Jauch be today without his nagging daughters? “Dad, you’re so stupid again today,” he had to listen to, as Jauch revealed at WWM. His counter-strategy has done his career extremely well.

Günther Jauch may have revealed an ingredient in the recipe for success in his long career. Even close friends like Thomas Gottschalk are surprised that the RTL presenter has been so present on television for decades. In addition to ambition and enjoyment of work, escaping family may have played a role. The father of four daughters left that on Monday evening with “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” see through.

“Do you find your daughters embarrassing too?” Jauch had to know about his candidate Susanne Munzke. The pharmacy employee also raised four daughters and was able to share tales of woe with the host. “Dad, you’re so stupid again today,” Jauch described a typical interaction with the offspring. His consequence: “I always flee to television. There are still a few grateful people.”

Jauch: Compliments for mother

Marriage and family ran thematically through the first regular long edition of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” for a long time. Overhang candidate Ulrike Gapp from Bad Waldsee thought about what an atypical relationship could be when asked for 64,000 euros. “It would be a marriage where both get along well,” explained Jauch. The moderator liked to take a second look at the mother of the following candidate Christian Steinhilber. “May I be honest?” he said to the lady. “When you came down the stairs I thought you were the sister. Hell!”


“I thought you were the sister. Gosh!”

The student’s mother had already received it when she was 18. Things aren’t going so well romantically for her 32-year-old son. Steinhilber complained that the search for a partner in the country was quite limited. However, he has hinted that he is considering moving to a larger city if winning at WWM allows him to do so. “From how many euros would you start the relationship engine again?” Jauch wanted to know. In the end, Steinhilber actually seemed to want to start a new phase of life with 32,000 euros. He hadn’t known that the English also say “edelweiss” to edelweiss.

Unfortunately, Gapp had to be content with half of it. She was asked for 64,000 euros, which is atypical for around seven million Germans. The employee of a postal agency could have known that Jauch was looking for a so-called atypical job like her mini job. However, Gapp tapped the atypical talent. She fell down to the security level of the three joker variant.

What do Jauch’s daughters say about this?

The happy daughter of four, Susanne Munzke, was happy about 32,000 euros. She wants to give her children 1,500 euros each. A daughter went to the studio with her and in the end she was really ashamed of herself. Her mother demonstrated her morning gymnastics routine in front of the RTL cameras, including hula hoops with simultaneous arm muscle training. The candidate announced that she could easily do 1000 revolutions. “The following programs will be postponed by…”, warned Jauch.

In the end, of course, he had to swing his hips himself. “So much for ’embarrassing’,” admitted the moderator, possibly thinking of his daughters. “Give momentum!” The candidate asked him. “Me or the tire?!” Jauch made sure. About two revolutions had to be enough that evening. Nina Heiming from Xanten on the Lower Rhine will return to WWM in two weeks with the 4000 euro question.