“So it hurts, the custody is mine” what the ex-partner replied to Ninel Conde about her decision not to see her son

Ninel Conde made a very strong decision this week, stop seeing her little son Emmanuel until the Court decides on a request to see him in an impartial place.

Custody of the child is held by his father, businessman Giovanni Medina, and the Bombón Asesino assures that every 15 days when it is his turn to visit him, they make a thousand excuses and do not allow him to enter the residence.

“I am fighting to change, perhaps, the strategy and we can move forward. Because in this way only certain violence is exercised, which is called vicarious violence, suddenly it lends itself; It could be, I don’t know,” Ninel told the Ventaneando program.

For this reason, the singer stated that, although it “hurts” him, he will no longer see the 7-year-old boy until the authorities allow him to visit him somewhere neutral and not at his ex’s house.

I’m going to protect him from Ninel’s “crazy life”

Faced with these statements by the singer, her ex-partner reacted, who maintains that he will keep the minor safe from the “crazy life” that the 45-year-old artist leads.

“I have custody of my son, it hurts whoever it hurts, and my son is fine, it hurts whoever it hurts, and I have done the work that this person (Ninel Conde) has not done, even if it hurts,” he stated in an interview for the First Hand program.

Medina insisted that the authorities granted him custody of Emmanuel to “protect” the minor from the “environment that would represent living” with Ninel Conde. “What did I do? Rescue my son from that,” she asserted.

“I don’t know if I’m a good or bad dad, God and my son will judge that, but I am a present dad,” he emphasized.

It hurts me not to see my son

For her part, Ninel confessed that it is very difficult to be away from Emmanuel, but it is urgent to have the right conditions to be by her side.

“Does it hurt me not to see my son? Of course it hurts, I miss him horribly; but I have been begging for two and a half years for something that belongs to me, which is my right,” he said.