So lasciviously she relaxes on the beach

Summer sun beach. All this and much more is currently shown by Vanessa Mai on her Instagram profile. Now the singer publishes a rather lascivious photo that shows her sunbathing.

Vanessa Mai is currently enjoying a few days off in the Maldives. She shares her vacation with her well over 950,000 Instagram subscribers – and presents them with photos of the beach. A lot of skin, a lot of sand, little fabric, that’s roughly the motto of the singer’s current postings. Even her latest holiday greeting doesn’t exactly focus on the dreamy beach and the blue sea.

With her current content, the “Please don’t call anymore” interpreter should soon break the one million follower mark. With her rear view she was able to get a lot of likes and comments on Instagram a few days ago. Now the hit star is becoming a repeat offender: In the latest post, the 29-year-old is lying on the beach in the Maldives. You only see her back again. Vanessa only wears a black thong and a crop top.

“Male Diva” she writes under the post. In addition to two beach mermaid pictures, the singer also shares other impressions of the home that she and her husband Andreas Ferber are currently moving into.

Within a few hours, 75,000 fans have already marked this small picture gallery with a Like. Jessica Haller thinks the posting is great, writes in the comment column: “When I see it like that, I feel like Male Diva. Hotti!” Ballermann star Ikke Hipgold seems to like nature primarily: “Beautiful sky” he writes about it. Another user certifies this social media post as “requires a gun license”. Otherwise there are many flame and heart emojis under the comments. But some also recognize what Vanessa is really doing here: relaxing. “Enjoy the holiday” or “Relax well” are other comments.