So were the duets in the final of La Academia

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- the scene of The Academy: 20 years he overflowed with talent once again. In the first concert of the grand final, the students were accompanied by the winners of previous editions, A very wise decision, at the discretion of the judges.

According to critics, the finalists’ performances in the duets were full of “good vibes” and “assurance.”

This is how it went for the five finalists (Mar, Rubí, Cesia, Andrés and Nelson) in their presentations.

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Andrés and Myriam Montemayor: “You no longer live in me”

With the talented Myriam Montemayor, Andrés performed “Ya no vives en mi” by Yuri.

The judges, Lolita, Gavito, Horacio Villalobos and Ana Bárbara, agreed that although it was a good presentation, a difference was noted between the applicant and the singer.

“When you can, review this video and you will realize how Myriam does it with great naturalness, she does it perfectly and you reach a point where you are sweating. What happens?, 20 years apart, “said Judge Horacio Villalobos.

Cesia with Érika Alcocer: “Things of love”

Two magnetic voices came together to interpret the iconic song “Cosas de el amor” by Ana Gabriel. At all times the faces of the critics were impressive, especially that of Lolita Cortés.

Wearing bright and elegant dresses, the singers ended the song by looking into each other’s eyes and with a tender hug.

The judges congratulated both singers and it was even Lolita Cortés who mentioned that there was no difference in talent between the two and that it was a great show.

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Rubí and Erasmo Catarino: “The ideal couple”

The most famous fifteen-year-old in Mexico, Rubí, demonstrated a confidence that had never been seen at La Academia. The judges were impressed with her performance.

“Girl, your flirtation in front of the cameras, your closed eyes… since they started, you began to sing and move your shoulder happily. How do you know how to move? What ending is this! Congratulations Rubí”, Lolita Cortés told him.

For his part, Horacio Villalobos said that Rubí’s attitude had been the best of all the duets.

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Mar and Erick Sandoval: “Tie me up”

Mar and Erick Sandoval impressed the public and critics with a show of sensuality and flirtation when interpreting “Amárrame” by Mont Laferte and Juanes.

Lolita Cortés congratulated Mar and told her that “it was her night”, for her part, Ana Bárbara stressed that the Ecuadorian woman had used her sensuality and femininity well to interpret.

Horacio Villalobos said that the presentation of Mar by Laura Pausini and that of “Amárrame” were two totally different things. “You have to realize that they changed the participant,” said the judge.

Nelson and Paola Chuc: “I’m in love”

With great expressiveness and incredible talent, Nelson and Paola Chuc interpreted “I’m in Love” by Thalía and Pedro Capó.

The singers gave their audience and critics goosebumps, making them imagine a love story.

“Two great voices from Guatemala interpreting this beautiful song and the truth, Nelson, there is something that will always stay in my heart and that is that no matter the effort, you are there, but you always end up with a smile, you always end up with something that your colleagues would have to learn from you, which is the attitude of humility”, Judge López Gavito expressed to Nelson.

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