Söder daughter Gloria-Sophie Burkandt: “Rejection because of my father? That’s unfair”

As the daughter of Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (55), Gloria-Sophie Burkandt (23) is constantly under surveillance. There is a lot of public interest in the 23-year-old. But she turns down most of the interviews: “The press tends to look for good headlines that go in the tabloid direction. Sometimes I wish people would perceive me differently.”

With the campus radio of the Catholic student association “Aenania” she has now spoken – about the countless opportunities of the younger generation. Gloria pleads for change, radical modernization in the economy, climate. The environment is also extremely important to Gloria. She is writing her master’s thesis on the EU’s “Green New Deal”.

Does Gloria-Sophie want to take a political path like her father at some point?

Gloria-Sophie Burkandt: “Feeling rejection because you don’t like my father is unfair”

It is difficult to say exactly where the model is politically classified, because she herself does not feel that she belongs to any party. Still, she has strong opinions. You can be satisfied with a modeling career – and yet Gloria wants to be able to continue to express herself politically.

There would be no interference from her father. “Unfortunately, some people don’t agree with everything I say. If I were anonymous, it would be a lot easier.”

Does that annoy her? “Sure, we have freedom of speech. But there is always unfairness in life. Feeling rejection because you don’t like my father is also unfair.”

Whether model in Berlin, New York or Paris or rather in the political direction – her future is far from certain. But one thing is at least clear: Gloria-Sophie Burkandt definitely does not want to become an influencer. The term is now far too negative for the 23-year-old.