“Some surfing and a funny cake”: these are the first gifts Shakira received on her 46th birthday on February 2, 2023 | People | Entertainment

Shakira is celebrating her birthday on February 2 and it is no longer a secret that she celebrates 46 years. In this way, the first two gifts that arrived at the doors of her house in Barcelona were also revealed.

According to local media, on this special day Shakira did not change her routine. She left her home early in the morning, accompanied by her brother Tonino, to take her children Milan and Sasha to school. Something she hadn’t done in the last few days.

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The press captured her dressed in a bubblegum pink sweatshirt, her long hair loose and black sunglasses. The Colombian singer greeted the press and her fans present at the venue, she also smiled in gratitude for her congratulations on her birthday.

On the way back, he didn’t stop to answer the questions he was asked, but he was smiling all the same. Those present in front of the singer’s home presume that she will make other outings during the afternoon of this February 2, 2023.

Shakira’s first gift is related to surfing.

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Shakira’s first gifts on her 46th birthday

The press managed to capture the first gift that arrived at the doors of Shakira’s residence. The journalists asked the delivery man who the sender is, but “this is information that cannot be disclosed.”

What she did comment is that it is “a detail related to surfing”, a sport that the interpreter enjoys a lot and that someone sent her in a basket to her house.

In another video, a cake was released that was left at the entrance of the residence. It is a cake decorated with the figures of Shakira, Piqué, a Casio and a Twingo.


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