Somehow best friends: Caro Matzko and Hannes Ringlstetter in an interview

Caro Matzko and Hannes Ringlstetter – popular, spontaneous, quick-witted: They have been moderating the personality show “Ringlstetter” (BR television, Thursdays, 10 p.m.) since 2016.

AZ met the musician, actor, cabaret artist (with “Ringlstetter & Band” on June 18 at Tollwood) and his co-host Caro (including “Planet Knowledge”, live on Saturday on the “Blaue Couch” in BR, soon in the BR “Lebenslinien”) on the premises of the TV production company Plaza-media in Ismaning (where the program is also recorded) for the Walk & Talk series.

AZ: Hello everyone! Today the last question first: What have you never told anyone?
Hannes Ringlstetter: What a lot of people don’t know: Caro and I are good friends in our private lives, we respect each other’s needs and we protect each other. What we’ve never talked about: how those minutes before the show go. People always think that’s some big tralala entrance into the spotlight. We are such a poor bunch behind the wall, the atmosphere is a mixture of concentration and relaxation that we try to get into.
Carol Matzko: And I still get scared when I see the people outside. Hannes goes much closer, I’m more distant. I’m afraid of applause, think I have to do something really great now.
Ringstetter: This is also our point of contention – that Caro has no sense of her importance. People love them – that’s it!
Matzko: I went to a gala recently. My name wasn’t on the guest list. It turned out that I was on the VIP list – I would never have had such an idea! I don’t see myself as a celebrity, but Hannes does.
Ringstetter: Look, that’s exactly what I mean!

Matzko: “I am a semi-permeable membrane”

Speaking of “protect” – what does that look like?
Matzko: I’m a semi-permeable membrane as far as Hannes is concerned, so try to get rid of anything that I know annoys or bothers him beforehand.
Ringstetter: A great mindfulness that is talked about so much! And we look out for each other, kind of like seven-year-old best friends.

Now for the “Ringlstetter” show: What were the highlights in 189 programs?
Ringstetter: We have already had around 400 personalities with us. At first I collected business cards. But you can’t meet that many people in private (laughs).
Matzko: It’s the mix that counts, we like to bring people to us who don’t otherwise meet – and then find out how much they have in common, such as Gloria Gray and Gerhart Baum or Michaela May and the cabaret artist Alfons, those were touching evenings. The beginnings were incredibly hysterical – we didn’t even know after each show whether it would continue and then let it rip every week. I got stressed out with my husband because of all the partying (Musician Rainer Schaller, ed.), he had to drive me into town every week so I could get the car and ticket back that I had to abandon. We now have an ambitious routine.

Ringlstetter: A Walk with the Leberkässemmel in hand

Speaking of Walk & Talk: Do you go for walks together?
Matzko: No time! But we are both flâneurs, we run around a lot independently of each other, each with his mongrel dog, I am in the south of Munich. I have a family with a young patchwork son, and I want to teach my nine-year-old daughter a few more things in life: to be mindful of yourself and others and to go your own way self-confidently, lovingly and attentively to the environment.
Ringstetter: When we still had our office in Schwabing, we often walked together with meat loaf rolls in our hands. In the meantime I’ve moved back towards Straubing. Anyway, I’m a maniac loafer when thinking and on the phone.

What else can comedians like you laugh about?
Matzko: About people who can laugh at themselves. So also about us!
Ringstetter: The older I get, the more I realize that I can only laugh about things where things are not cynical, perfect or particularly clever, but where someone sympathetically fails. I can still laugh insanely at Caro!

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