“Son becomes an activist”: Eugenie ticks like Prince Harry when raising children

She emphasized that her first-born son is growing up in an environmentally responsible manner. “My son will be an activist by the age of two, which is in a few days,” the Princess of York said of son August Brooksbank, who was born on February 9, 2021.

For his sake, she wishes for a more environmentally conscious world. “Every decision we make now has to revolve around how August can live his life,” said the princess, who did not yet talk about her second pregnancy in Davos.

Similar attitude to Prince Harry

the Daily Mail stresses, however, that Eugenie’s words about her motherhood echo those of her cousin Prince Harry would remember. Also the Duke of Sussex with his wife meghan who has a son and a daughter, once said that everything – including his attitude towards environmental protection – changed for him when he became a father. He started wondering, “What’s the point of bringing a new person into this world when the world is on fire when they’re your age.”

Together with Meghan, Harry is committed to climate protection. In order to make a contribution, he and his wife would have decided to only have two children, he said in an interview with the conservationist in 2019 Jane Goodallwhich in the Vogue appeared, revealed.