Son of Armando Manzanero, married and rehabilitated!

Don Armando Manzanero he died on December 28, 2020, and all the rights to his career were distributed among his children; however, Rodrigo, the only one who did not actively inherit anything from his father, is still recovering from the physical absence of Don Armando, and presumes that he has been clean for 20 years, recently married, and eager to help what they would do. make your father very proud.

We haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you? We found out you got married… I am very well thanks God; yes, I got married in the middle of the pandemic, her name is Carla and it was a push and pull between the dates. We had December 12, 2020 ready in Morelos, but my dad got sick on the 7th and we canceled it. My dad died on December 28, so we did nothing, we decided to cancel the wedding for October 2, 2021.

We see you very happy… Yes, I really love her very much, she is a woman who fulfills all my expectations; I come from such a dysfunctional family that I got married so as not to get divorced. I want my marriage to work, and I couldn’t have picked a better woman than her.


How did you meet her? I worked as a manager in an event venue, that’s where I met her; then I had problems with my dad, I went to Peru, then to Chile, and in 2017 I went back to Mexico to look for her, and some people told me that she had already made her life her own. One day I went to buy cigarettes and I found her in a store. It was destiny, because I had never been to that place; That day I took the subway and I ran into her outside the store and she recognized me.

What did your dad think of this wedding? She has always liked her, she told me that she would be the woman of my life. Carla’s family is Yucatecan, and that filled my dad’s heart.

Did you give them the blessing? Yes, we were away for so long, that every day we saw each other was wonderful; I think we enjoy the last few years more than a lifetime. He was able to bless this love, he went to my proposal, he met my wife…

We see you changed… Yes, just like that, I don’t live in the past. I go to parties, I dance with my wife, but I don’t drink anymore; I go out with my brother Juan Pablo, with my sister Mainca and it’s wonderful, I really want to live.

How long have you been clean? Almost 20 years; As it is, I went to knock on the door to rehabilitate myself.

Do you regret something? No, not at all, I plan to relapse; my dad died, they told me at 3 in the morning, and it was so that I would have thrown myself in the trash again, but I didn’t because my dad wouldn’t have liked that. My brother Juan Pablo called me and told me: “Don’t screw her up…”, and I told him no. Today I have a person who loves me, who is my wife, I have a job, I just bought a car, I mean, I don’t lack anything, it’s the life of my dreams.

We know you are doing something wonderful.. Yes, I teamed up with some friends and we did Dancing and Singing for Health, it’s going to be in honor of my dad; They will perform my dad’s songs, and several doctors will perform free surgeries for breast reconstruction, gastroenterology and oncology… We have 76 surgeries scheduled, three hospitals that support us and a foundation that will help us raise what is missing.