Son of Lilia Aragón takes the rags out of Adame’s girlfriend

Since they publicly announced their love relationship, Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chavez They have been in the eye of the hurricane, and they recently returned to the spotlight after a couple of conversations with Pablo Mendizábal, the son of Lilia Aragón, who was supposedly her lover, were revealed.

It did not take long for the ex-participant of “Falling in love” to deny the rumors of alleged infidelity towards the Mexican actor, and assured that there was only a relationship of friends between them, which came to an end when this news was revealed. unfounded

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And just like the popular influencer, Pablo Mendizabal He denied the accusations and without mincing words made strong statements against the controversial couple, as he assured that he has known the former ex-wife for a couple of years and knows that he has many problems with alcohol.

“I have known Magaly for a long time, Magaly did a couple of pilots with other actors with me. She was my friend she is a girl who has many alcohol problemsis a girl who has also done in her life is to try to hang on to the fame of others and I think the pairing was quite unfortunate, “said Mendizábal during a meeting with the press.

According to the son of the first actress, Alfredo Adame’s girlfriend is desperate to become famous, which could be one of the reasons why she began her relationship with the actor. Besides, he had no problem taking his rags out in the sun and revealed that he witnessed an embarrassing situation with her, after he allegedly found her without clothes in her bed in a drunken state.

Magaly has always had a lot of desire and longing for famedoes everything possible to be famous (…) I will never speak ill of a woman, I will never emphasize what Magaly did or did not do, the only thing I say is that maybe she is very upset and because I have evidence and witnesses, and they are a married man, I got Magaly Chávez out of my bed naked, I told her ‘get up mijita, not that drunk‘” Pablo bluntly stated.

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As if that were not enough, he sent a forceful message to the former host of ‘Hoy’, asking him to stop fighting and getting into trouble with other peopleand reminded him how important he was several years ago in the entertainment industry in Mexico.

“What I believe, I already told Alfredo (…) you were a very important actor, Alfredo, you were a person who had a name on Televisa, it cannot be that now your name is synonymous with ridicule, that your name is synonymous with aggressionthere are many people who hate you and there are many people who have attacked, “he added.

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