Son of Martín Elías says that they already know who caused the damage to the singer’s grave

Last Wednesday, Dayana Jaimes, widow of vallenato singer Martín Elías, denounced that her husband’s tomb located in the Jardines del Ecce Homo cemetery in the city of Valledupar suffered various damages.

Jaimes expressed his annoyance with what happened and assured that it is not the first time it has happened. “Oh, you don’t know the anger and disagreement I have with all this that happened with Martín’s grave, because it is not the first time it has happened. And really, the lack of culture of some people has no name. I tell you this because on many occasions that I have been there I have seen how people arrive and sit on the edge of the grave to take the super photo. or the superselfie and that should not be done. They even mount the children in the grave, they don’t have to do that, ”declares the indignant widow.

This Thursday, Martín Elías Jr, son of the singer, also referred to what happened. The young man stated that they already know who caused the damage.

According to Martín Elías Jr, the person responsible was a woman who sat on the grave at the moment she was trying to take a photo. The weight of the woman caused the damage.

“We already found out and we realized that the lady who did it he wanted to take a picture with my father and recklessly sat at the head of the head and knocked him down, something that has happened quite a few times,” he said in statements collected by El Heraldo.

In the same way, the young man asked his father’s supporters to be careful when they visit the tomb so as not to cause damage to the structure again.

The damages

Dayana Jaimes showed that the photo that was at the head of Martín’s tomb, between the two giant vases, was completely destroyed because of some fans who overstepped and broke it, without even announcing the damage.

They left the pieces on the marble, a scene that the woman verified and generated her total sadness and anger, since she already had her special flowers ready to decorate the grave, which today she is going to have to reconsider, because she is tired of this matter being repeated .

The photo of Martín Elías on his grave ended up broken and no one responded.  Photos: Instagram @dayanajaimes55.
The photo of Martín Elías on his grave ended up broken and no one responded. Photos: Instagram @dayanajaimes55. – Photo: Photos: Instagram @dayanajaimes55.

“With everything that happened, I have to reconsider everything because they shared the photo of him, that I always wanted to have it that way because I liked that photo, it seemed super cute to me. But I see that people’s desire is for that photo to appear when they go and visit the grave, so I’m going to have to reconsider that issue and it will be to remove the photodo not put photos, just leave the two vases and nothing else, ”added Jaimes.

Dayana Jaimes
Martin Elias and Dayana Jaimes. – Photo: Instagram @dayanajaimes55

Now, the problem of the widow of Martín Elías goes beyond whether or not to fix the tomb, because as she has said, it is a recurring issue that she herself has to pay for, since none of those who have damaged anything the tomb has come close to paying for the costs of remodeling or rebuilding.

So, one of the options is to leave the damage alone and hope that people will raise awareness by seeing the tomb in that condition, but that would create another headache for the vallenata.

Martín Elías always had great respect for the artistic career of his father and Rafael Orozco.
Martín Elías always had great respect for the artistic career of his father and Rafael Orozco. – Photo: instagram

“This is a difficult situation because if I leave the grave… Look what happened to Kaleth, to Migue with Kaleth’s grave, it was damaged many times and he decided to leave it like that, I don’t know if they fixed it… So, If I leave Martín’s grave like this, they say that I forgot about him, that the grave is abandoned, what a whistle, what a flute, that nobody wanted it, that nobody wants it, anyway… If I send it to be fixed, the same thing may happen and no one will go out to pay for the grave, no one, because people do the damage and leave”, says Dayana.

Finally, the widow of Martín Elías urges all the singer’s fans to please be measured with their presence at the grave, as it is a sacred place where there should be no room for photos, videos, much less invasions. in said place. “If you want to take a picture, take it standing up, please understand, more respect,” she added.