Song Contest: Austria is on a wobbly place

LUM!X feat. Pia Maria have to fight in the 1st semifinal on Tuesday

Betting odds have become a popular forecasting tool for commentators and analysts in the competitive culture arena. From the Nobel Prize in Literature to the Oscars to the Eurovision Song Contest, the opinion of those who bet money on their favorites often serves as a reliable prediction. Not always but often.

Especially at the ESC, the forecasts in the run-up to the two semifinals for a promotion to the final are usually surprisingly precise. Most of the time, the gamblers are only wrong about a country that is predicted to rise or fall. This is exactly what Austria’s duo LUM!X feat. Pia Maria hope.

Because at the moment the red-white-red party makers are in the thankless 11th place in a comparison of eleven betting shops – while only ten final tickets are distributed. For example, it is important to push the Swiss representative Marius Bear out of 10th place with his emotional number “Boys Do Cry” and to let the singer try out the title of his own song.

But who knows. Nothing is fixed, on the high seas and before the ESC court you are in God’s hands, and in the end it’s all a gamble. In this respect, it is difficult to predict who can celebrate tomorrow in Turin. After all, LUM!X feat. Pia Maria still hope for the law of the majority. Because even though Austria failed in the semi-finals the last two times, since re-entering the tournament in 2011, the domestic candidates have made it to the final six out of ten times. The finalists are still in the majority.