Song contest becomes Ukraine show

“Ukraine: 12 points”. The ESC in Turin will probably also become a political issue today: Pop against Putin!

Turin. A bit of peace! In 1982, Nicole won the ESC with her anti-war anthem for Germany. Today, all of Europe wants to set a similar sign for peace and against Vladimir Putin. The Ukraine is the big favorite at the 66th Song Contest in Turin. The five-member rap-folk collective Kalush Orchestra is considered the clear betting king with the ethnohymn Stefania. With an unprecedented 60 percent chance of winning!

Justified. Mahmood & Bianco (Italy), Sam Ryder (England) and the Swede Cornelia Jakobs are probably only singing for second place. Austria was eliminated in the preliminary round. “Ukraine is great. Even regardless of this situation, it would be justified if they win!” Conchita also enthuses about Kalush.

Front. Your ESC performance is almost a miracle. In the preliminary decision they were only second. But winner Alina Pash had to resign because of a “Crimean controversy”. The appearance in Turin was also questionable. The troops, all of military age, were only allowed to leave Ukraine with a special permit from the government. Only dancer Vlad Kurochka had to go to the front.

“Not a word about the war”. “The song was written long before the outbreak of war. It doesn’t contain a word about the war,” explains frontman Oleh Psiuk of the anthem to his mother. “But now many have started to read new meanings into the text and here equate mother and Ukraine. The song means something to so many people in Ukraine now.”

And from today probably also all of Europe. The singing competition starts at 9 p.m. on ORF 1. The winner will be announced at 12:50 a.m. at the earliest.