song with part of satanic worship according to evangelical pastor (video)

The recognition that Karol G has internationally and her growing career have led her to be considered one of the “powerful women” in the country, according to Forbes.

That popularity has also made her a target that politicians on the road to the current presidential elections in Colombia want to take advantage of, so she asked that they not involve her in that issue.

However, the Colombian singer who recently appeared in Cali, where there were riots, detractors came out with a striking remark for one of her songs.

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Karol G: song with part of satanic worship, according to evangelical pastor

A user on TikTok showed from her personal account the recording of a man who showed an audio of the song ‘Mi cama’ and then warned that by inverting that fragment there was a message of satanic worship.

“May the Lord reprimand the ‘pom pom pom’, but let’s listen to it inverted”, he indicated and after it sounded he added: “He says ‘oh satan, take his body with me’, that is, the devil I have inside”.

The person who made that publication assured that this statement was made during a Sunday service, in which the “Bichota” theme was used as part of the meeting.

This was the video in which they showed how a religious leader analyzed one of the Colombian singer’s hits and warned that a fragment had a subliminal message.

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