Sonja Zietlow met her husband at the jungle camp

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Sonja Zietlow met her husband at the jungle camp
Sonja Zietlow met her husband Jens Oliver Haas at the jungle camp © IMAGO / VISTAPRESS

Sonja Zietlow is particularly popular with jungle camp fans because of her quick-witted nature – the presenter also has her husband to thank for that.

Munich – Sonja Zietlow (54) is the one who holds the fort in front of the camp. The bold blonde is an indispensable part of the TV format “I’m a star – get me out of here” (RTL) – especially her quick-witted sayings are remembered. In a biting manner, Zietlow comments on the bitching between the celebrities around the campfire Down Under and often leaves no good hair on the jungle candidates. At this point, very few people know that the quick-witted gags came from her husband’s pen.

Sonja Zietlow’s husband is no stranger. Jens Oliver Haas (56) is a gag and screenwriter and the mastermind behind his wife’s gossip, you could say. In addition to Micky Beisenherz and Jörg Uebber, it is Haas who writes the texts for the “Jungle Camp” and it is his wife who reaps the laurels. At least it stays in the family. But every once in a while, luckily, the people behind the jokes get their deserved reward. The three men of biting words have already been nominated twice for the “German TV Award”: in 2018 and 2020.

Jens Oliver Haas is also the German Dr Bob

Haas not only lyrically teases celebrities, but also lends Dr. Bob his voice as he translates the Jungle Doc’s English explanations on the show. Sonja and Jens have been married since 2002 and, how could it be otherwise, met each other on the set of “Jungle Camp”. Both have been part of the jungle team since day one and are a dream team both in front of and behind the camera.

This year, Sonja Zietlow is the face of the jungle show for the 16th time and will be leading the reality show again next week. At her side for the first time: Jan Köppen (39). After ten years of moderation together, Daniel Hartwich (44) turned his back on the format after the “Jungle Camp 2022” and made room for the “Take me Out” moderator.