Sony unveils new PlayStation 5 controller for gamers with disabilities

Accessibility takes more and more place in the world of video games, and particularly within the playstation5. After the release of The Last of Us, Uncharted Where god of wargames hailed for their inclusive nature, sony pushes the slider even further and presents its brand new controller, adapted for players with disabilities. The company unveiled its new project, called Leonardo, at the CES in Las Vegas, taking place from January 5 to 8, 2023. Inspired by the DualSence, this controller will allow all fans of video games disabled and PlayStation 5 owners to play comfortably.

For a long time, games have focused on configuring controls to adapt them as much as possible to different disabilities (settings for the display and size of elements, choice of font, adaptation of colors on the screen, ease of ordering, subtitles, etc.). The games multiply the settings to offer themselves to the greatest number, from God of War Ragnarok to far cry 6 Passing by Forza Horizon 5 which did not skimp on the possibilities with more than fifty options. Microsoft had also invested the rank with its Xbox and its adaptive controller that made controls easier for players with motor issues. Thanks to a button and a larger cross, many accessories can be added to it, allowing an optimal gaming experience.

Sony insisted that the Leonardo project for the PlayStation 5 had been developed with experts in disability issues, but also the players concerned as well as associations and game developers. The controller will be fully customizable, allowing players to position all the different accessories as they wish and guarantee a game configuration most appropriate to the person’s abilities. No price or release date have yet been communicated by the Japanese brand.


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