Sonya Kraus: “As soon as I leave the house, I put on a wig”

Sonya Kraus is just finishing her chemotherapy. In BUNTE, the moderator tells how a positive attitude to life helped her through breast disease.

June is a good month for Sonya Kraus (48): The presenter is allowed to end her chemotherapy this week. “Finally,” she tells BUNTE with relief and beams her typical, infectious Sonya Kraus smile. She is a guest at the neon party of real estate agent Marcel Remus (35) in Mallorca. It is her first public appearance since the horrific breast cancer diagnosis last year. She stands away from the crowds of celebrities on the roof terrace – and enjoys the hustle and bustle of her colleagues at a safe distance: “I still have to do without cuddling for three months and be careful not to get infected with Corona. My immune system has completely shut down due to chemotherapy. Until I do It will take another six weeks before I can be vaccinated for the fourth time. Then I feel safe again.”

First red carpet appearance: This gave her strength during chemotherapy

First red carpet appearance: This gave her strength during chemotherapy
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Isn’t her family afraid that she will get infected with Corona when she is on the plane or train to appointments? “When I travel, I wear a mask with a valve, a mask on top of that and a plastic visor. My boys still wear a mask at school because they know that mom shouldn’t get infected. Toi, toi, toi, so far it has no one infected yet.” She knocks on the wood three times as she says this. Then she says, “The universe seems to like me.”

“I’m in a privileged position to have my cancer diagnosed so early”

She has been cancer-free since November, and chemotherapy is used for prophylaxis. “After that I have to go to the tube every six months, so of course I’m examined a little more meticulously. But I’m not too worried, because we all know: fear eats away at the soul. I’m in a privileged situation because the cancer is with me It was caught so early and I don’t have metastases, so I have a great prognosis.”

During the chemo treatment, Sonya Kraus wears a cooling cap on her head to prevent dramatic hair loss. She is happy with this method, but says: “I lost 85 percent of my hair. I usually have a really thick mat on my head, now I only have a very long, thin rat tail. I always wanted to cut it off in between, but my sons are attached to every single hair — more than I am. That’s why he stuck with it.

Sonya Kraus

New hairstyle! “Who is the woman? I don’t know!”
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“Until I Retire I’ll Wear Wigs”

Out of necessity, Sonya Kraus has developed into an “absolute fan of wigs”. “I’ll be wearing wigs until I retire. It used to take me forever to style my hair, now I’m ready to go out in two minutes: just put on the wig and you’re done. A new look every day, it’s just bomb!” She laughs. She now has ten different “Püppis”, as she calls her wigs, including inexpensive ones. “As soon as I leave the house I put on a wig. At home I wear my baby braids. They basically make me look like an elderly man who has the rest of his hair tied back. Except my hair isn’t gray.”

Sonya Kraus looks stunning. If you didn’t know anything about her illness, you wouldn’t notice anything. “But I’m also an old drag queen and know all the beauty tricks,” she jokes. She used to conjure up a lush bust with duct tape, so-called gaffa tape. “I don’t have to do that anymore,” she says and laughs. “My new boobs are set in concrete. These beauty tricks are done for me.”

“I can take positives from the whole cancer story”

In her private life she is very down-to-earth anyway. She loves nature and enjoys working in her large garden.

“We are currently tearing down parts of our house in order to expand. We have acquired the neighboring property and now have even more space – also for my vegetable garden. I’m such a garden aunt,” she says enthusiastically. “I plant tomatoes, zucchini, figs, raspberries, strawberries, apricots and lemon and orange trees, which I always put in and out depending on the weather.”

Her sunshine spirit was rather strengthened by the cancer. Over the years she has learned that a positive attitude to life is the only way to safely sail through such difficult situations. So it’s not surprising when Sonya Kraus says: “I can definitely get positive things out of the whole cancer story. I have the feeling I’m invincible.” Invincible. “What else can blow my mind? Sure, there are a few things – death and the devil – but everything else is nonsense.”

Authors: Stephanie Göttmann-Fuchs/ Barbara Fischer

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Sonya Kraus: Emotional message after breast cancer: "I want to give you hope"

Sonya Kraus: Emotional message after breast cancer: “I want to give you hope”
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