Sonya Kraus: She finished the chemo in four weeks

In autumn 2021, TV presenter Sonya Kraus (48) was diagnosed with breast cancer. The mother of two opted for the most radical procedure and had both breasts removed.

The 48-year-old has been undergoing chemotherapy for five months. She is given infusions in three to five-hour sessions, she now told the “picture“-Zeitung. And further: “Four more weeks, then I’ll be through with the chemo.” The treatment doesn’t go past her without consequences. “Of course I have a million niggles. But I don’t focus on that. I have a different way of thinking,” says Kraus.

In the video above you can see Sonya Kraus with an emotional message after her breast cancer: “I want to give you hope”

Sonya Kraus: “Those were the worst days for me”

According to the presenter, she suffered particularly from doing nothing. “Lying in bed, sleeping in and relaxing – those were the worst days for me. I really suffered there,” says Kraus. Then she went for a walk with the dog. “More input is important. Keeping my mind busy with other things helps me and I also think of others.”

Only recently she had also spoken about the optical side effects of her cancer and chemotherapy. “Status quo? Fringe of hair around in front still okay, bald head in back. Goodbye eyelashes,” she wrote in an admirably honest Instagram post.

When Sonya Kraus talks about her breast cancer, the topic of prevention always plays a major role. “If I hadn’t gone to the routine check-up, I might not be alive anymore,” she recently explained in BUNTE. She hopes that many women will take her story as an opportunity to take preventive care themselves, because “those 20 minutes” could save lives.