Sophia Thiel dances in the middle of the supermarket for a TikTok video

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Sophia Thiel dances in the middle of the supermarket for a TikTok video
Sophia Thiel dances in the supermarket © Instagram/Sophia Thiel

She dances in the middle of the supermarket: Sophia Thiel shows her fans her cool dance steps. The celebrity filmed the clip as part of a TikTok video.

Munich – she dances in the supermarket! Fitness blogger Sophia Thiel (27) filmed a TikTok dance video that she recorded in the drinks department of a store. The former bodybuilder regularly shares her everyday life and fitness routine with her followers via her social media platform.

The blonde beauty danced in the middle of a supermarket for a TikTok video showcasing her dancing skills. The influencer showed her cool dance moves, which she performed in the clip for Lizzo’s (34) song “About Damn Time”. The celebrity showed up with top styled hair and in a crop top and in a cardigan in pink, which she combined with form-fitting jeans in light blue. She also added rainbow, heart and butterfly emojis to the video and wrote of her dance performance, “It was just as cringe as it looks too!”

Sophia Thiel: TikTok dance video in the supermarket!

The YouTuber doesn’t seem to have taken her performance too seriously, showing that she can laugh at herself too. With a wink, the fun-loving athlete announced that she wasn’t the best dancer. “Me and dance, that won’t work anymore. Help,” she revealed with a wink. Although the star doesn’t seem completely convinced of her performance, her cool dance steps are impressive!