Sophia Thiel reveals: “It gives me peace of mind”

Sophia Thiel is a real fighter who has often had to assert herself. Now she has revealed her tips against mental down phases.

In the past, Sophia Thiel (27) often had to be very strong: psychological problems, eating disorders and the death of a good friend hit the fitness blogger enormously. But again and again she managed to leave the dark chapters in her life behind. At the request of her fans, the Rosenheim woman has now revealed on Instagram which tricks help her to get out of mental lows.

The fitness business is often tough – Sophia Thiel also suffered from the pressure. Learn more in the video above!

Sophia Thiel reveals: “It gives me peace of mind”

“For me, point number one is: press the pause button,” says the 27-year-old. If she wasn’t feeling well, she would have days to herself. Then the YouTuber would do whatever she wanted.

In order to organize the mess in her head, Thiel would also clear the house. “I’ll clean up the whole place,” says the Bavarian. Sorting out clothes or even tidying up her spice drawer would also help her a lot – for psychological reasons. “It gives me peace of mind inside because I feel like I’m sorting my head right away,” says the influencer.

Sophia Thiel recommends jumping into the ice bath

In addition to cleaning up, extensive body care such as long showers or make-up sessions would work wonders. “With Beauty, I have the feeling that I’m dealing with myself, that I’m doing something good for myself,” says Thiel. Especially make-up and hair styling give the athlete a lot of joy. “It’s also meditative,” she says.

But it is not the beauty routine that has something relaxing for the fitness fan. The 27-year-old also repeatedly frees herself from down phases with ice bathing! Although the ice bathing season is currently coming to an end, cold showers would help just as well. “It brings me back into my body from brainfog mode and lets me feel my body. It’s a mental reset for me,” she explains her courageous ritual.

“It stabilizes me mentally”

Another mood lifter for Thiel is the music – happy ones, of course! She often listens to songs that she listens to, for example, while training or partying and with which she associates something positive. That would tear the Rosenheim woman completely out of her sadness. “Even if you don’t like it right now – just do it,” she advises her followers.

Ultimately, training and nutrition are also important pillars for the athlete, which give her stability again. Even if it’s difficult at first, regular exercise and healthy eating can go a long way. “It stabilizes me mentally,” says the YouTuber – and seems so happy and balanced that the fans will probably start themselves and hop into an ice bath.

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