Sophia Thomalla on her genetic defect – “Next operation is already pending”

Sophia Thomalla (32) is known for her quick-witted manner and her funny actions. It can sometimes happen that footballer Lukas Podolski (37) has a truck full of sand brought over. She then likes to document her funny ideas on Instagram, just like her sexy photo shoots or TV appearances.

Now the presenter is turning to her around 1.3 million followers in a serious tone and is reporting on her rare genetic defect for the first time.

In the video above you can see how Sophia Thomalla talks about her genetic defect.

Sophia Thomalla reports on her incurable illness

Normally she would avoid speaking directly into the camera, Sophia Thomalla begins her Instagram story. She would now do it just once, “for a very good reason”: she has suffered from a venous malformation since birth, i.e. a malformation of the vessels. In most cases, the disease cannot be cured.

Presenter suffers from venous malformation

The TV star goes on to say with a visibly trembling voice that she has already survived many surgeries: “From a young age to now. And the next surgery for me is already pending. My right forearm is affected.” This shouldn’t be a whining either, she emphasized. Despite everything, she is doing excellently and is not particularly restricted. It only needs to be checked once a year. Other sufferers were less fortunate.

Venous malformations are among the vascular anomalies in which the patients do not have functional venous valves at the respective locations in the body. Blood builds up in the dilated, thin-walled veins. Either the malformation is surgically removed or the vessels are closed internally with a laser.

Simone Thomalla’s daughter has had many operations

Sophia also reports that the effort for the doctors is often very great: “The operations take a long time, everything is very microscopic, I would call it ‘plumbing’, very complicated.” There are also only a few doctors who specialize in this type of operation.

With that she leads over and tells of a little girl from Russia who has the same illness as her – only significantly worse. She urgently needs life-saving surgery, but nobody wants to help her: “Nobody wants to donate to her because she comes from Russia, which I find so incredibly sad because what does the poor girl have to do with the war?” Sophia asks desperately .

Your doctors in Germany would be willing to help. However, in order to raise the total cost of 30,000 euros, she contacts her followers and posts the donation information in her story. She would be really happy if the little girl could be helped.