Sophia Thomalla talks about her incurable illness

The 32-year-old actress, Sophia Thomalla, is known by her fans for her optimism, quick wit and always in a good mood. Now she speaks up on Instagram and hits serious tones.

Sophia Thomalla, actress, presenter and model, is not a particularly big fan of endless talk on Instagram stories. But now she resorts to this very means to talk about her terminal illness. It is a venous malformation. “Translates to a vascular malformation. This is a very rare genetic defect that doctors still cannot properly explain,” says the tennis star’s current girlfriend, Alexander Zverev. Those affected by this disease do not have functional venous valves, which means that the blood flow can no longer take place in a targeted manner – blood congestion occurs. In over 90 percent of cases, no cure is possible.

Since it is a genetic defect, she has been suffering from this condition since childhood, but she considers herself lucky to have always been treated by one of the few specialists in this field – she has also had many surgical interventions. The next surgery date has already been set. Due to the regular checks and the intensive care by a specialist, she can live her life relatively symptom-free and otherwise “I’m in a bomb”, says the presenter of “Are You The One?”.

Not everyone can live with that

Such operations are usually very time-consuming and complicated with little remuneration for the surgeon, which is why only a few doctors specialize in this area. For example, the moderator tells of a girl from Russia, Kira, who has the same genetic defect as she does, only that no surgery is currently possible for Kira – although she would otherwise die. The actress also posted a picture of the girl to underline the need for the procedure. According to Thomalla, the reason why nobody wants to pay the required 30,000 euros is that the girl comes from Russia. “No one wants to donate to her because she comes from Russia, which I find so incredibly sad, because what does the poor girl have to do with the war?” She is outraged in her Instagram story.

Thomalla collects donations for Kira

Kira urgently needs an operation.

In the meantime, Thomalla has launched a donation page where she wants to raise the necessary money for the girl. When asked why she wasn’t paying the money out of her own pocket, the moderator said she couldn’t save the whole world, but “draw attention to one or the other who needs help.”