Sophie Le Tan case: Was Jean-Marc Reiser close to Michel Fourniret and Émile Louis?

Jean-Marc Reiser has been facing justice since June 27, 2022 for the murder of Sophie Le Tan in 2018. A young 20-year-old student whom he is accused of having killed. If he denied the facts for a long time, he ended up recognizing his gesture but refuting the premeditation. The first hearing was particularly trying for the victim’s family, his mother felt unwell. The next day, the personality of the one who is presumed guilty is combed through, reports RTL.

An investigator spoke at length with the accused Jean-Marc Reiser, about the exchanges that marked her. In front of the court, she assures that “the latter reveled in having rubbed shoulders with notorious criminals such as Émile Louis, Francis Heaulme and Michel Fourniret at the central house of Ensisheim.“Far from denying these remarks, the man who was already sentenced in 2003 to 15 years’ imprisonment for rape and sexual assault, nevertheless wanted to clarify them. He thus declared that he had never known Fourniret, but “has proudly assumed his closeness to the other two named“To the point of being inspired by them?

Beyond her observations on the man she had in front of him, the investigator also made other shocking revelations that concern her personally: “He would have even tried, during their discussions, to make her feel uncomfortable. This is the first time in her career that she had to be accompanied by one of her colleagues during these interviews, her hierarchy not having accepted that she remains alone in the presence of Jean-Marc Reiser..” “He had a perverse and manipulative behavior with high self-esteem“, sums up the expert. The main interested party then replied: “This personality survey is oriented and dependent.” He launched into precise and substantiated monologues at the stand, emphasizing his scholarly trait.

The body of Sophie Le Tan, dismembered, was found a year after the events in the forest of Grendelbruch, about forty kilometers from the Alsatian capital. Jean-Marc Reiser faces life imprisonment.