Soprano celebrates 20 years of career: the singer shares a tender message

For twenty years now, Soprano has made the French dance with his music. And for the occasion, the singer shared a nice message accompanied by a video retracing his career on his Instagram account this Monday, December 6, 2021.

Twenty years of career, it’s worth celebrating. It was first in the group Psy 4 de la rhyme that Soprano began his career, alongside Alonzo, Vincenzo and DJ Sya Styles. And it was in 2007 that the young rapper decided to start a solo career with his first album. Since you have to live. “I had a period when I was in depression and when this album arrived I said to myself that we had to let go of all my demons because we had to grow “, he confided to The Express December 1, 2021.

While he was already well known to the public, that’s when his career took off thanks to his many hits: Crazy, Near the stars, On fire, Hiro … The singer now has seven solo albums to his credit. And this year, Alexia M’Roumbaba’s husband was even chosen to be the godfather of the Telethon. “They’ve been calling me for several years to be the godfather, but each time the timing was bad. When I told them it was good, I was so proud and happy “, he confided to AFP.

Looking forward to seeing you on stage! “

And this Monday, December 6, 2021, Soprano wanted to celebrate his twenty-year career with his community on Instagram. He published a touching message accompanied by a video retracing his career from 2002 until today. “20 years… 20 years that we vibrate together … From a small scene in the northern districts of Marseille (with Psy 4 de la Rime) to the Vélodrome. […] Looking forward to seeing you on stage! “ , he shared with his million subscribers.

A publication that made many fans nostalgic, which for many of them have been there since its inception. “20 years old and still the king”, “It’s incredible”, “What a great development, what a great career! You have reached the summits of the highest mountains”, “Already 20 years old and still loved! Bravo Sopra”, ” 20 years that we are there “,” 20 years … so proud of your magnificent career which is not ready to end, so happy to support the most beautiful of artists “ , can we read in particular in the comments. 20 years already and surely many more years to come …