“Sorry, but I haven’t finished!” “: Marc Lavoine rebuffs Vianney in The Voice

Marc Lavoine is a very frank coach, and he proved it to us again this Saturday, March 19 in The Voice. The singer did not hesitate to reframe Vianney who had just cut him off in the middle of an argument.

A performance that will be debated! This Saturday, March 19, in The Voice, young Clyde appeared in front of the coaches’ seats, but despite a very convincing performance, Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine and Vianney unfortunately did not return. While the latter explained to the young man of 21 years why they had not been convinced, two coaches got a little fried.

Whereas Marc Lavoine argued his refusal to turn around on his voice, evoking a nonchalance in his voice, Vianney thought fit to interrupt him to give his opinion. “Sorry, but I haven’t finished!” retorted the husband of Line Papin. A small remark that made Vianney smile, who let go in a burst of laughter: “But he’s crazy, he’s going crazy“.

Marc Lavoine without filter

In The Voice, this Saturday, March 12, a tense exchange took place between Marc Lavoine and Jérôme Sebag, on which three coaches had turned around. I have to say that the talent knew Amel Bent very well for having written him several hits, and that he had even collaborated with the DJ Martin Solveig. Marc Lavoine was then divided against this man who was not a beginner. Jérôme Sebag had not come to The Voice to create discomfort on the set, let alone bother her friend Amel Bent. “What might embarrass me is that the public can think ‘She keeps it, because it’s her friend’, it could piss me off,” she also launched. Words to which Marc Lavoine had something to add. “If you have to play fake ass, I know how to play fake ass. But if you come to my house, you have to agree to return to a place that is not that of composer. And if I have to be the coach, I don’t let anything pass, I tell the truth,” he warned. Finally, Jérôme Sebag joined his friend’s team.

Photo credits: Screen capture: TF1

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