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Daniel González Sobrino, better known as “Sobrino”, is an artist and singer-songwriter who has gained fame in the Latin American industry for his composition work for artists of various musical styles, including Sebastian Yatra, Mau y Ricky, Seven Lions, Cheat Codes, Danna Paola, Yuridia and Playa Limbo.

In that same line, the artist who now lives in Los Angeles, California, scored a great success with play listthe Latin Grammy-winning album by Chiquis Rivera, in which Sobrino participates precisely in the composition.

“It was a great achievement for me and it has made me grow a lot as a professional, because now people take me more seriously in the music industry,” says the artist in an interview with El Sol de México.

However, despite the fact that he is now referred to as a “Latin Grammy-winning singer-songwriter”, he assures that he is still the same person, with the same desire to learn and to continue achieving other professional dreams.

This April 22, the artist releases a new song called “Nada tú”, a single with danceable rhythms that talks about leaving behind a romantic relationship, and that will be published only on digital platforms.

“It’s a theme that represents that moment when you’re already determined to let someone go, but they always come back into your life for some reason,” he says.

On the reason why he moved to Los Angeles and established his base of operations there, Daniel considers that this is where he had to be:

“I studied my music career in Los Angeles, and it was precisely in this city that I discovered my talent as a composer… I consider that THE It is the capital of music and it has helped me to compose together with great artists and producers who have made me grow”, he says.

On the themes that inspire his songs, he shares that it is based above all on personal experiences:

I draw a lot of inspiration from my own experiences, especially love experiences, from being heartbroken to being madly in love with someone. For example, “Nothing of yours” I wrote after ending a relationship that was very exhausting, in which I no longer wanted anything from him and only wanted a new beginning.

He adds that the LGTB + community is very important to him and that he is very proud to be part of it, because he feels well represented.


When he is not working on his music career, Daniel likes to watch anime movies, relax at home or go out with his friends, as well as water skiing.

He assures that if he had not been a musician he does not know what else he would do in life, since for him, this was always “his plan A, his plan B and his plan C”.

About his work as a composer, he shares that he considers himself a very melodic person and that he likes to improvise: “Having a solid melody, I get inspired and put lyrics to it,” he says.

He assures that his greatest pride is having the opportunity to write for artists he has admired since he was a child.

On the other hand, he admits that there are some moments in his career when he can feel ashamed, especially when he writes something he doesn’t like and still other people end up using that song.

He says that to date the song that has given him the most satisfaction has been “3 in the morning”, because he was very moved to hear Sebastian Yatra and Mau and Ricky sing their melodies.

As for her live performances, she says she could describe them as “an intimate, sentimental, and romantic experience.”

The artist who recently performed at the EDC Mexico 2022 festival accompanying the Mexican DJ and producer DUNNOWHO, and who will perform at Residencia Vaivén 2022 on April 30, says that he finds his greatest inspiration in the pop and R&B of the nineties, and that in particular artists like Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey were big inspirations for him.

But when it comes to current musical influences, he does not hesitate to ensure that Rosalía is one of his greatest inspirations.

About his performance at EDC 2022, he shares: “It was amazing to be able to be part of one of the biggest festivals in my country and share the stage together with DUUNOWHO, who is a great producer and friend of mine.”

Finally, he anticipates that he is about to collaborate with other musicians and that his first mini album is about to come out:

“Right now I’m focusing on creating and fine-tuning all the necessary details to also prepare my second mini album, which I plan to release this year,” he concludes.

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