Spanish singer Rozalén will be Kany García’s guest artist | shows

The Spanish singer Rozalén, a native of Albacete, will be the guest artist at the concerts that Kany García will present at the Puerto Rico Coliseum, tonight and tomorrow, Saturday, at 8:30 p.m.

At the moment, it is presumed that the artists will sing the song Disobey me together on stage, although the revelation will be one of the surprises of the show.

It will not be the first time that Rozalén collaborates with Kany García since in 2019 he had made an introduction, in verse, for the album Contra el viento.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, María de los Angeles Rozalén Ortuno, known in Europe and several Latin American countries as Rozalén, has released four of her albums entitled With the right to…, Who has seen me, When the river sounds and The tree and the forest.

A characteristic of his work is the dense poetry full of sinuous images that accompany his numbers, with his bittersweet style of festively celebrating human misfortunes as he does in his videos, The Violet Door and The Day I Die.

In this first theme, which is about family violence, sensory concepts parade such as the gray monster in the kitchen, the hand on the neck, the knot between the vocal cords, the guilt that squeezes me and the violet door in the wall, because of the which enters

“I really like playing with that contrast of taboo messages that we find it hard to talk about. They are doubly impressive and it is very ‘cool’ to come to death dancing the hard things in life”, expressed the artist.

Rozalén is proud to have both a wide audience of children and adults over 80 years old. The bulk are young people in their 30s, who remain as the majority of their audience.

“In schools, children find messages from me at La Puerta Violeta to work on. I have very nice images to explain something very rude. It has been a deep and extensive career studying psychology and then music therapy. I did practices with patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, children with autism, and how to work with them with different capacities. It’s like living the escape of going to a concert that causes you many things. I got that from studying the things that happen at a concert,” she said.

Rozalén has been singing since she was a child and her grandparents and her parents taught her to recite and be expressive. At age 14 she began to write poetry.

“My poetry is not light because it takes a good dose and face reality in another way. They are dimensions out of the ordinary and I love to make people think. Music is the kindest medium, as well as being at 6:00 am in a disco and putting them in orbit, ”she concluded.

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