Spanish Vega wants to demonstrate with her music that feminism is not fashion

Freedom is the driving force of white blackbirdnew album by Vega (Córdoba, 1979), a Spanish singer-songwriter, who is convinced that music shares reflections on the welfare of society, and she seeks to activate her voice against gender inequality, to point out that feminism is not a fashion but a way of manifesting good for all.

“The unifying thread of the album is completely free and honest, the songs are not created thinking of putting together an album and what results is freedom in the thematic and musical part. I dare to say that it is the album that has given me the most peace, I feel calm, satisfied and happy in the way it was made, how it was born and how we work the songs”, Vega said in an interview during a recent visit to Mexico.

Of this production the song stands out barks, which he did in collaboration with the Mexican La Marisoul, vocalist of La Santa Cecilia and the Chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela. Recorded and produced remotely due to the pandemic, it is a kind of hymn to feminism not understood as a single fight for women, but for the security and peace of the entire society.

Vega abounds that it is a song that claims the right of expression of women who want to put a muzzle on them every time they express the violence and different aggressions of which they are victims. The singer assures that she, as an artist, will never be able to put a muzzle on her and will demonstrate when necessary against inequalities.

“It is a song that comes from feminist activism, but not from the exclusive point of view of women because it is not exclusive, it is a song that highlights the shortcomings of women or minorities in general. People who do not have equal rights at all social levels. It seems to me that it is a theme that demands the good of all, not only women, the well-being of women, men, children, families, society in general.

“Feminism seems to have a boom, but it shouldn’t be a boom, it should be something that really moves. It seems that women have more prominence but in reality we only have space to complain and if the complaints persist it is because the conditions have not changed, ”reflected she, who has been nominated for a Latin Grammy twice.

Francisca Valenzuela and La Marisoul, in addition to being friends with Vega, share her perspective on gender equality. Each one sang the complete melody and in post-production the mix of voices was made. Vega hopes to match her schedule with theirs to perform it live.

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“The three collaborators are friends, we have always coincided, we have seen each other at different events and it is nice to see something that became a friendship and now ends in a musical collaboration, it was something natural, nothing imposed,” said the person who produces his own music.

Vega confesses that this album contains her completely in the sense of summarizing her state of mind: “Everything that it summarizes is my truth, there are wonderful days and others not, but now I feel free,” she concluded.