Spanner observed ex-“Miss Thuringia” through Baby-Cam

She wanted to give her baby security, but she couldn’t be sure of herself. Ex-“Miss Thuringia” Victoria Mihajlenko found out about a spanner.

Your own home means security. But this model Victoria Mihajlenko has now been taken. “Miss Thuringia 2017” had to go through a nightmare in the children’s room: a stranger gained access to the baby cam and secretly observed the beauty queen and her one-year-old daughter Melissa.

“I was sitting in my study, Melissa was just taking her nap,” says Victoria in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. “Suddenly I heard her crying, but the camera wasn’t sending a message to my phone as usual. So I opened the app that connects the camera and phone. I heard a man’s voice say ‘I love you’ in Spanish. Then disgusting Moan.”

“I walked naked in front of the camera”

The 25-year-old was sent the camera free of charge to promote it online on her social media account. Now Victoria wonders how long she has been observed and what the perpetrator saw. “In front of the camera I breastfed my baby, wrapped it, walked through it naked,” says the model.

She also published a post on Instagram and took pictures of her baby cam. “I still get stomach ache watching the video…I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” the post read.

The former “Miss Thuringia” has now filed a complaint with the Jena police for intruding on her personal life. As the newspaper reports, the perpetrator could have had an easy time. All he had to do to access the camera was hack the WiFi password.

On her Instagram channel, the model makes an important appeal to her more than 30,000 followers: “It’s a sensitive and terrible topic. I hope that I can reach a lot of parents this way and explain that something like this can happen. “