Special correspondent divides Internet users with a report on the professional activity of seniors

A question has resurfaced in the public debate for several months: at what age can we retire? Correspondent seized on the issue and the journalists went to meet different seniors with different profiles: happy to still work, fired because considered too old or looking for a job but considered too “old”. The report follows these people who are, for the most part, afraid for their future.

Several profiles are therefore covered in the report, including Bernadette who still works in her haberdashery at the age of 77, who continues because she “likes it” and that she appreciates “helping people”. Christine, 58, is looking for a job, but is struggling to be hired. A recruiter even admitted to her that some companies did not want to take on people who were going to leave “in four years”. A problem for this woman because her social rights will soon end and she cannot benefit from a pension. Others find themselves forced to create their own jobs, such as Nathalie, 56, a human resources consultant Franck, 58, lost his job at 56 after an economic redundancy and found a job in an automobile company two years later.

Faced with these varied but mostly not very positive perspectives, reactions have been shared on social networks. Some are terrified by people having to work until a high age, but also the difficulty of finding a job, or the conditions of certain trades. Moreover, the report cites an interesting data from INSEE: life expectancy in good health is 65 years for women and 64.4 years for men. A data more relevant than the raw life expectancy. Faced with this observation and these testimonies, Internet users were divided.

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