Spectacular first trailer for the sequel to the Lost Ball movie which was a hit on Netflix in 2020

Warm up the engines, Lost bullet is back. Netflix unveiled this Thursday, July 7, a first trailer for the sequel to the hit action film. Released in 2020, the feature film by Guillaume Pierret starred Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Ramzy Bedia. Lost bullet told the story of Lino, a little mechanical genius who makes ram-cars. After participating in a heist gone wrong, he is offered a deal with the police to avoid going to jail. But nothing will go as planned. Wrongly accused of a murder, he will have to find the bullet in a car that has disappeared.

At the time of its release on Netflix, QG did not hide our enthusiasm for this first film which managed, in just 90 minutes, to be “an exciting, disconcerting, hard-hitting adventure”. We weren’t the only ones who were very positive about Lost bullet since the film had achieved impressive audience scores on the streaming platform. By returning with a second opus, Netflix takes the risk of tiring viewers. Fortunately, the very mysterious first images above all promise a supercharged film, in line with the original film. With big cars and even more impressive action scenes. To see the final result, you will have to wait until November 10, when the Lost Ball 2. We hope to see more by then.


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Source- https://www.gqmagazine.fr/pop-culture/article/premiere-bande-annonce-spectaculaire-pour-la-suite-du-film-balle-perdue-qui-avait-cartonne-sur-netflix-en-2020