Spectators go to the barricades

“Let’s Dance” is not under a good star this year, celebrities keep falling out because of Corona. The spectators are now really angry about it!

  • “Let’s Dance” has been affected by a number of corona cases this year
  • In the fifth show, viewers have to do without René Caselly and presenter Daniel Hartwich
  • For this reason, the fans are now making a request to RTL

“Let’s Dance”: One corona failure follows the next

The worm is in “Let’s Dance”: Shortly after the start of the 15th season on TV, there was the first Corona case among the celebrities, Hardy Krüger Jr. was only out for a week at first, until he finally dropped out of the popular dance show entirely – and it wasn’t to stop there. In the meantime it has almost become a habit that celebrities or professional dancers drop out.

In the fifth show, the “Let’s Dance” viewers not only have to do without favorite René Caselly, but also moderator Daniel Hartwich. The 43-year-old has also been infected with the corona virus, whether it give a substitute for him or whether Victoria Swarovski will lead through the show alone is still uncertain.

Fans are angry! “Slowly enough”

In any case, it is quite frustrating for the “Let’s Dance” fans that they have to do without one or the other celebrity week after week, they have repeatedly asked RTL to pause the dance show – and after the Corona-Aus from Daniel Hartwich, these voices are getting louder and louder now:

Taking a break from the entire show for at least a week and not getting back on the mat so quickly would be better in every respect with ‘Let’s Dance’.

Two or three weeks everyone in quarantine and pausing the show. The constant back and forth is no fun. Every week someone is missing. Above all, leave the audience at home!

I no longer turn it on. After the first Corona case, you should have taken a two-week break. So it’s no wonder that everyone gets infected. Daniel will not have been the last case either.

Finally suspended the show for three weeks and no audience in the studio. It’s slowly enough!

Even “Let’s Dance” candidate Amira Pocher A few days ago, she criticized the fact that the show continued despite numerous cancellations, as she felt it was no longer fair competition. It remains to be seen whether RTL will react to the criticism and the demands of the viewers.

“Let’s Dance” runs on Fridays at 8:15 p.m. on RTL and at any time RTL+.

Sources used: RTL, Instagram