Spicy allegations against Cordalis companion Peter Klein

Lucas Cordalis, Peter Klein during the departure of the I AM A STAR - GET ME OUT HERE jungle camp candidates to Australia at Frankfurt International Airport in Frankfurt am Main on January 2nd, 2023 *** Lu ...

Lucas Cordalis is accompanied in Australia by father-in-law Peter Klein.Image: IMAGO / Gartner

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Laura Czypull

For about a week, the stars in the jungle camp in particular have been the talk of the town. For example, Markus Möhrl revealed on day eight that he had already made seven wedding proposals in his life before he married his wife. And Verena Kerth couldn’t stop raving about a wedding with her partner Marc Terenzi.

He was even briefly part of the show on day seven: he was shown the scene of his partner’s wedding crush in the tree house of moderators Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen, after which he ran away in panic. On day eight it was over for Verena in the jungle camp. How things will continue with Marc in terms of the wedding is so far open.

Now, however, a completely different companion made a name for himself: Lucas Cordali’s father-in-law Peter Klein. To be more precise, he has not yet commented himself, but his wife Iris Klein, who stayed in Germany, has. The jungle participant from 2013 makes serious allegations against the 55-year-old.

Jungle camp: Cordalis companion Peter Klein under fire

Peter Klein shared what appeared to be a romantic snapshot of him and his wife on his Instagram story on Thursday. To this he wrote:

“I love and miss you. And I will always be by your side if you want it too.”

Iris Klein responded with two meaningful quotes in her Instagram story. One included the phrase, “Sometimes people who never wanted to break up break up,” the other read: “Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say. I do more than I show. And I finish more than you think.”

But then on Friday night she became more specific:

“A husband who cheats on his wife has no honor!!! Have fun with your Yvonne!!!!”

Screenshot story Iris Klein, infidelity Peter Klein

Iris Klein makes serious accusations against her husband on Instagram.Image: instagram / iris klein

Confusion about jungle companion Yvonne

But which Yvonne does Iris Klein mean in her story? Finally, two Yvonnes traveled to Australia as companions: Markus Möhrl’s wife Yvonne König and a friend of Djamila Rowe, Yvonne Woelke.

The following sequence, which Iris Klein immediately deleted, resolved: Her allegations are apparently about Yvonne Woelke. “Just thrown away 20 years. Was it really worth it?” She wrote next to a screenshot from Yvonne’s Instagram story.

Apparently, Iris Klein puts her guess on a possible mid-life crisis for her husband, because she then shared a screenshot with an explanation of what a mid-life crisis is. Then Iris Klein became even more specific and wrote: “First delete all the photos together … Tomorrow I’ll pack! Then you can move in with her !!” And further: “I loved and trusted you so much… and you’re cheating at the Versace Hotel! But thanks for admitting your lies, which I’ve feared for a long time!”

Apparently, Iris Klein has wanted to know about her husband’s infidelity for a long time

Then Iris Klein even shares a screenshot from a private chat with her husband. In it she accuses him of lying to her about whether Yvonne was in the taxi with him. He then admitted to lying to her about it.

Iris Klein commented on the screenshot:

“She stood/lay next to you on every phone call and I heard her once…that’s how it came out!”

And further: “You kept saying she wasn’t there and you don’t see her anymore…all lies!” In addition, she again posted a photo of Yvonne Woelke standing next to Peter Klein – apparently in an interview situation.

screenshot Iris Klein, infidelity Peter Klein

Iris Klein even shares a private chat with her husband.Image: instagram / iris klein

Iris Klein then posted a screenshot of a fan message wishing her a lot of strength. In addition, she revealed that she would somehow get along because she had known it for a long time.

Yvonne Woelke speaks out

Peter Klein has not yet spoken out about this. However, RTL’s Yvonne Woelke was confronted with the allegations in an interview, which she clearly denied. Iris has a “really great man by her side”. Yvonne thinks it’s a pity that some people are so jealous, because that destroys a lot:

“If she knew how he was talking about her, she would take everything back. This is a really great man, I emphasize that too. And I have nothing to do with him, I don’t want anything to do with him either.”

A very special day in the jungle: for the first time a star was sent home. But before the time came, there was not only a jungle test, but also a treasure hunt and the big bang between two candidates.