Spotify dedicated musical list to Iranian women and their allies in the world – El Sol de México

The platform musical Spotify launched a list of reproduction official “iranian women“, with the intention of amplifying the voices of the women Iranians
and of his allies in it world.

Said list, organized by the IranianAmerican Leila Kashfi, director associate of the platformis made up of 100 songs of artists of various styles, such as Shervin Hajipour, snoh Ahappy Y sevdalizaamong others.

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The themes talk about the struggle What does it mean to live under the Islamic Republic of Iran and some of them specifically on the current protests.

“For decades, the Islamic Republic has obliged the Iranians to suppress the beauty of the culture Persian. (…) The Republic islamic persecutes artists because music feeds the revolution,” wrote Kashfi in its instagram to announce the Project.

Women from iran“comes months after a series of demonstrations against the regime broke out Iranian a root of the death of Mahsa Aminia 22-year-old Kurdish girl who was arrested in september for the call Police of morality for wearing badly Market Stall the veil Islamic.

Besides the musicthe platform also revealed a series of videos in which iranian artists of different scopes share their opinions around the Liberty of expression.

This section, which will be expanded, the integrate in the first instance the actress nominated to the Oscar in 2004 Shohreh Aghdashloothe fashion designer Outcast Farzanehcomedian maz jobranithe musicians dubfire Y nostalgixas well as the actress and singer Googoosh.

In addition, this year the American Recording Academy could recognize the singer-songwriter Shervin Hajipour with the first reward to song for social change for its theme”baraye“, which was adopted as a “anthemduring the protests for amini.

The Grammy awards will be delivered next Sunday at the Crypto.with sand of The angels (USA.)


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