Squeezie revives Frei Degete’s band and invites Mister V for a new catchy track

Having become essential on YouTube in France for several years now, squeeze, whose real name is Lucas Hauchard, has perfectly known how to reinvent itself and diversify its activities so as not to fall into the easy way and be put in a box. Today France’s leading YouTuber, the 26-year-old also has his own clothing brand called Yoko, hosts lives on Twitch, is at the initiative of the Explorer Grand Prize – a Formula 4 GP that brought together internet personalities for a race on the Bugatti Circuit – and even indulges in music. After a first album in 2020, named Oxyz, and various singles like “Bye-Bye” or “Adieu les filles”, it was in 2021 that he met his biggest success with his group Frei Degete and the track “Time Time ”.

Thursday, January 19, a little over a year after “Time Time”, Frei Degete makes his big comeback with a new music titled “Spaceship” and the clip that goes with it. With a renewed aesthetic but still with Mid and KronoMuzik, the group whose music is inspired by that of the 2000s is going into space this time to find the fourth member of the boy band in the person of Mister V. Barely found, this fourth member, also Romanian, instinctively begins to put his prose on the track. After Cheb Funky’s musical intervention with a more pop-electro and oriental inspiration, embodied by Maskey, another content creator on YouTube, the quartet finally returns to Earth.

In order to push the project to the limit, Squeezie gives an appointment on treidegete.store to get an exclusive magazine containing the single as well as a poster of the group. An “intergalactic tour merch” is also planned on the site.

Source- https://www.gqmagazine.fr/pop-culture/article/squeezie-fait-renaitre-le-groupe-de-frei-degete-et-convie-mister-v-pour-un-nouveau-morceau-entrainant