SSSniperWolf ALMOST had a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT career before he made it big on YouTube

There’s no denying that SSSniperWolf (real name Alia Shelesh) is mostly associated with gaming. After all, she has amassed over 33 million subscribers on her gaming YouTube channel alone. It might surprise many to learn, then, that once upon a time, she almost embarked on a completely different path.

SSSniperWolf previously revealed that she first got into gaming as a child. Speaking to British Vogue in a profile about her and two other gamers, she explained that her father bought a PlayStation for her and her younger brother in an effort to get them to get along. “It worked,” she told the outlet. A sibling ceasefire wasn’t the only good thing to come from her new found love of gaming, though. Far from it, she became a constant source of inspiration for SSSniperWolf. In addition to enjoying the games themselves, she began consuming gaming content. “One day [yo] I thought, ‘Hey, I can do that too.’ So I started my own YouTube channel,” she recounted.