Star Academy: a great announcement to come for the four finalists?

Appointment is given this Saturday, January 28 in 50′ inside to fans of the star Academy. A subject will be devoted to the four tele-hook finalists, Anisha, Louis, Léa and Enola, who should say more about the upcoming release of their projects.

The soufflé is still far from having died down. Two months after the closing of the doors of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, star academy fans are still waiting for news of their little proteges. So many of them were stroll through the corridors of the famous building, crossing, for the lucky ones, students who came to meet them. The opportunity to ask them questions about their adventure, their love affairs but also their future. Because, since the final won by the discreet Anisha, everyone follows their destiny and works on their projects in their corner. Tiana, Léa or even the lucky winner have thus landed contracts with prestigious record labels, while others are trying to make their mark in the artistic jungle.

Last to date to have joined a beautiful stable, Louis spread the good news to its subscribers on January 25. “Today, I am pleased to announce what I have been hiding from you for some time… I join mom Celine Dion by signing with Sony Music France and Columbia France!!!”, said Enola’s accomplice.

Intimate reunions in 50′ inside

He, like the other three finalists, will have the opportunity to take stock of their careers, since they will be interviewed by Nikos Aliagas to a topic in the next 50′ inside. In a tweet, TF1 and its favorite Saturday show announced their reunion on set in a format “in privacy” where Enola, Anisha, Léa and Louis will talk about their current feelings and their future prospects. Maybe we’ll find out an excerpt from their next hit or the release date of their album. In any case, this simple teaser makes you want to follow them.